Dog Collar Size Chart

 Size Width Fits neck size
XS 19mm 19 - 23cm or 7" - 9"
S 19mm 23 - 33cm or 9" - 13"
M 19mm 30 - 47cm or 11 3/4" - 18 1/2"
25mm 30 - 47cm or 11 3/4" - 18 1/2"


Bandana Size Chart

Size Fits neck size
S fits up to 34cm neck
M fits up to 43cm neck
fits up to 55cm neck


Neckerchief Size Chart

 Size Fits neck size
XS up to 26cm
S up to 33cm
M up to 43cm 
L up to 53cm

Dog Clothing Size Chart

How to measure:

Measure your dog when they are up straight. Measure the circumferences of their neck (A), the widest / biggest part of the their chest (B) and the length (C) from their lower neck to the top of their tail - or where you would like the garment to sit on. 

Which size should I choose:

Chest is normally the most important part, and then it's the length. The size chart indicated the actual size of the garment. Most of our materials are stretchy so in most cases if your dog's size is around 4 - 5cm off from the measurements, the jumper should still fit.

For example, if your dog has a chest size of 30cm or 40cm, a jumper with chest size of 35cm can still fit. Length is the actual length of the garment (not including collar). Always choose a shorter length.

* due to handmade nature, please allow +/- 1cm difference on all the measurements below:

 Size Neck (A) Chest (B) Length (C) Sleeves Length
XS 26cm 35cm 26cm 10cm
S 32cm 45cm 32cm 13cm
M 40cm 60cm 43cm 15cm
Doxie XS 26cm 38cm 33cm 2cm
Doxie S 28cm 43cm 37cm 9cm
Doxie M 33cm 47cm 41cm 9cm
Frenchie S 40cm 59cm 30cm 12cm
Frenchie M 45cm 65cm 35cm 12cm