About Us

Hello there, this is us!

Sarina and Cooper, two bonding souls behind the scene running Dear Cooper.


It was in late 2016 when I first started to feel nothing was in alignment. I was sipping my cocktail by the pool in a beautiful resort in Bali, reading a book. It was a perfect day, I was supposed to be happy, but I started to cry. My then partner was shocked and suggested that it must be my job. I thought the same, so I changed from one job to another. But 2019 came, I was still unhappy.

And then I realised, it wasn't the job, it was me. I needed to do something for myself. But I didn't know what to do, where to start.

I read personal development books, went to seminars and tried to figure out what I wanted to do. Then one day, I noticed something. Every time when I made or brought my dog Cooper something, he couldn't contain his excitement. This melted my heart and made me so happy! And that was the moment, I decided to make accessories for pets, because I know other pet owners can feel the same joy when they see the excitement from their pups.

In the months that followed, I learned as much as I can about business, about design, about fabric composition, about making. I sewed till late at night to practice getting the perfect stitch. At the end of 2019, I took a leap of faith to leave my corporate job, and embarked on the journey to create Dear Cooper. On 28th June 2020, I opened my Etsy store. And then I built this website.

To build a business certainly isn't easy but I am filled with gratitude. Because I believe everything happened for a reason and I truly thank you for this opportunity to share my creations with you. Without you guys, Dear Cooper won't be possible xx